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Meet Lisa Siegel Meet Lisa Siegel

Meet Lisa Siegel

Meet Lisa Siegel

Lisa is a Dolphins fan and season ticket member since 1989. “To say I’m a Miami Dolphins Fan is putting it mildly; I’m a FINATIC!!!” Lisa, who watched “Mad Dog” Mandich play and then listened to him on the radio every day feels accomplished supporting the event he started.  DCC V will be the fourth year Lisa is participating in the Dolphins Cycling Challenge. “I LOVE knowing that I am a small part of bringing us one step closer to a cure!” she says.

The Dolphins Cycling Challenge was the beginning of Lisa supporting cancer research.  Lisa’s grandmother and aunt struggled with the disease. Unfortunately her grandmother lost her battle, but her Aunt conquered it. “My Aunt is a champion and a fighter and when I think about how she fought and battled the disease with such a positive attitude it made it very easy for me to help. It’s an honor and a privilege to participate in the DCC.” She says, “It’s a special feeling to have the opportunity to be able to raise money for such a wonderful cause and in honor of my grandmother and aunt.” DCC V will be Lisa’s fourth year of DCC participation.

Lisa who works for the University of Miami works hard to generate awareness and recruit new participants. “I wear my DCC jerseys every Friday to work and people comment on it and ask me questions about the DCC. I tell them the story of the “Mad Dog” and how it all began. I tell them what an amazing event it is and that 100% of the funds go to Sylvester.  I tell them that they are not only helping people but I tell them that cancer affects everyone in one way or another and every little bit helps. I tell them what a great goal it would be for them to get in shape and start exercising. I was able to recruit a rider who didn’t think she could raise the money and raised $450 in three days. “

Lisa rides for her family affected but also because she is passionate about helping others. “It’s an amazing feeling to be riding and seeing the affect I have on those who are cheering on the sidelines that are sick and need hope. They have tears in their eyes and are so thankful for everything the riders are doing and all the money that’s being raised. When a survivor comes up to me after the race and thanks me…that’s all the motivation I need.”

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