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Meet Jonathan Schwartz Meet Jonathan Schwartz

Meet Jonathan Schwartz

Meet Jonathan Schwartz

Jonathan Schwartz loves to cycle. He has participated in the Dolphins Cycling Challenge since 2011 to show his support for investing in cancer research.

“Often times, people feel helpless when a loved one is diagnosed with cancer.” Jonathan says, ” In addition to my family members who have had cancer, I’ve met many others who share a similar story. Cancer can happen to both old and young, and can occur in people who are otherwise perfectly healthy.”  The best way to help those individuals and millions more around the world is to join in the fight against cancer. There has been tremendous progress in treating many forms of this disease. By raising awareness and funding for research, together we will be able to find a cure.”

In January 2013, just a few short months after DCC III, Jonathan’s father George was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a cancer targeting cells in the bone marrow. Jonathan was with his father every step of the way as he began treatment at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. “My father was embraced as a patient by Sylvester at a time when physicians from other hospitals thought he was too old to go through treatment.” George was the 200th recipient of a stem cell transplant at Sylvester’s then two-year old inpatient unit. He completed his treatment in August of 2013.

Jonathan recalls, “In past years, I felt a great deal of pride to help others who have been impacted by this terrible disease. The year my father was diagnosed, the ride gained a whole new level of significance. At the time, his prognosis was unknown. I felt like the only way I could personally help him in his fight with cancer was to ride in the DCC.”

Jonathan rode 170 miles in DCC IV. His father was waiting for him at the finish line at Sun Life Stadium just four months after completing his treatment.

This past August, exactly one year after George completed treatment at Sylvester, Jonathan’s family went to Disney World.  As a birthday gift, George asked for a new bicycle so he could participate in DCC V.

Smiling, Jonathan says, “This year, I will be able to ride with my dad across the finish line. I now think about what that moment will be like every time I ride.”

Watch this inspirational video on Jonathan and George.

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