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Tom Shea

Meet Tom Shea

Heavy Hitter and returning rider Tom Shea, he lost his mother to cancer five years ago. For Tom, riding in the Palm Beach Loop DCC weekend isn’t solely about his personal experience; it’s about being a part of a larger movement.

Tom is an employee of AutoNation, a DCC cornerstone partner and large, passionate corporate team. AutoNation has a plethora of charitable endeavors; many linked to cancer and the DCC is one they dedicated much of their time and effort.

For Tom, being a part of a company who gives back to the community is crucial, but living in Palm Beach and working in downtown Fort Lauderdale can be a hiccup. “I like to participate in company sponsored events, but most are in the FLL area – living in northern Palm Beach County makes it difficult to get to there on the weekends.”

Luckily, the DCC has a solution: the Palm Beach Loop.  It is perfect for Tom. “The Palm Beach loop and tie-in to cancer awareness worked out great. The loop is closer to where I live and I found riding along the ocean, beach and homes of Palm Beach very enjoyable.”

The Palm Beach Loop or “U”-Turn as the DCC staff affectionately calls it, is one of the lesser known routes on the DCC weekend map. It is small but mighty. A solid 28 miles starting and ending at City Place in West Palm, the Palm Beach Loop is a great option for those further north and City Place is also the finish for the century riders, providing a memorable and fun atmosphere. “I found it to be a great event, well organized and orchestrated.  The volunteers before and after the event were great- everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It was also gratifying to see the number of people supporting my fundraising.”

For Tom, it is all about people coming together to do their part and making it work. Whether you choose Ride, Run, Walk or Volunteer. There is something for everyone, in every county.

Know anyone in West Palm Beach? If so, this is the ride for them.


Pictured on the left is Tom’s post ride humor.

“The state trooper was kind enough to participate in my attempt to lead others to believe I was riding too fast.”

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