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Meet Troy Drayton Meet Troy Drayton

Meet Troy Drayton

For Miami Dolphins Alumni rider Troy Drayton, aqua and orange have been in his veins for nearly two decades. Drayton, who played tight end for the Dolphins from 1996-2000, has a passion for both football and community. He uses his passion for the Dolphins as an avenue to help others, including participating in the last four DCC events.

“I think everyone knows someone who’s been affected by cancer,” said Drayton. “My aunt had breast cancer and is a survivor. I know friends who have had cancer. I’ve visited people in the hospital who have had cancer. To just be able to ride for such a great cause is important. It hits home.”

Drayton is one of several Alumni riders committed to participating in DCC each year and raising money to help tackle cancer. As alumni, Drayton and his teammates focus their time and efforts on supporting all community initiatives and goals set by the Miami Dolphins.

“We’re a huge part of the community,” said Drayton. “A lot of these guys have been here since the beginning of the Dolphins franchise. They’re embedded in the community and the causes in the community. This is one of those things where the alumni have a chance to make an impact. We have fun doing it.”

In addition to the fun atmosphere, the alumni riders channel their competitive side during DCC. Whether it’s racing each other during the rides or racing to raise the most money, Drayton says it’s all in good competition.

“You have guys who haven’t been on a bike since they were kids. With the alumni, it’s always competitive. I think we all have the same end goal, and that’s getting to the end without looking ridiculous.”

Drayton currently works with youth and community programs for the Miami Dolphins, including football camps, junior training camps and ‘Dol-Fit’ initiatives.

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