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One of the most successful ways to receive donations from family & friends is through sending out emails and following up afterwards. We advise that you Blind CC those that you send blast emails to, to avoid email chains getting out of hand.

Things to consider when creating emails:

The DCC has created a series of email templates for you- making it quick and easy to send emails asking for donations. All you have to do is copy, paste and insert your information in the highlighted areas and you’re ready to send!

Email Templates:

Request for Donations Email Template

 DCC Rider Recruitment Email Template * If you’re looking to recruit more riders to join your team, use this template!

Holiday Email Template - Email template in lieu of gifts and holiday season

‘Twas the night before DCC - Catchy poem to grab readers attention!

*E-mail Signature - Add the DCC link and Sylvester link to your e-mail signature. We’ve made it easy for you and created a DCC Email Signature template. Just insert personal info in highlighted areas & copy & paste at bottom of emails!

Personalize Your Profile – Make your profile page personal. Include your photo and a message that explains why you are participating in the DCC.

Personal Appeals – If you are asking someone for a significant gift, ask him or her in person.

DCC has created to send to your friends and family to encourage them to donate. All you have to do is copy and paste and fill in the personal details.  Then blast away!

Text Messaging – Send out a text message to your friends and family with a link to your DCC profile page.

Hard Copy Letters – Consider sending out a hard copy of your donation letters. These can be very powerful and more personal then e-mail and text message.

Social Media – Post a message and link to your DCC profile page on Facebook and Twitter to promote the DCC and to provide an easy way for your friends and followers to donate. Don’t forget to “Like” the DCC Facebook page by clicking HERE!

Suggested posts

Another good way to inform people about the DCC through social media is to post links to our YouTube Videos which can be found HERE

Thank You Notes – Send unique thank you notes to your donors.

eBay & Mission Fish – Auction items on eBay or Mission Fish. Talk to local businesses about donating items for your auction and be sure to describe your cause in the item description. For further instructions on how to auction items using these sites, click HERE.

Promote at the Office – Use your office or school to your advantage!

Tell Everyone On Campus – Take your campus by storm!

Ask Friends, Family, and Local Merchants for Help – Don’t fundraise alone!

Fundraising Parties – Host a fundraising party at your home. Have donation forms readily available for your guests. Your party could include raffles and silent auctions.

Garage Sales, Bake Sales & Spaghetti Dinners – Host a garage sale, bake sales, or spaghetti dinners and donate the funds raised.

Spin-A-Thons – Organize a spin-a-thon at your local health club. Speak with spin instructors at the club and see if they would be willing to donate their time to teach a class.  You can also leave donation forms with the instructors and ask them to make an announcement in class.

In Lieu of Gifts – Have a special occasion coming up? Ask for donations in lieu of traditional gifts.

Need more ideas?  Check these out!


Use the Dolphins Cycling Challenge logos below in your fundraising efforts.



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